Why do spaniards say …? ‘Me la suda’ meaning explained

“Me la suda” is a vulgar expression in Spanish that is used colloquially to convey a sense of indifference or not caring about something. It is a rather strong and offensive phrase, so it’s important to be aware of ‘me la suda’ meaning, its usage and context.

The expression literally translates to “It sweats me” or “I sweat it,” but the meaning goes beyond a literal interpretation. It is a slang phrase that expresses a lack of concern, disregard, or indifference towards a particular situation, event, or person. It can be used to dismiss or show apathy towards someone’s opinion, criticism, or actions.

The origin of the expression

The origin of the expression is not definitively known, but it is believed to have emerged in Spain during the late 20th century. “Me la suda” is derived from the verb “sudar,” which means “to sweat.” In this context, it is used metaphorically to convey a lack of concern or indifference towards something or someone.

The phrase is considered coarse and vulgar due to its explicit nature, as it refers to bodily functions. It is often used in informal or casual settings among friends or acquaintances, but it is generally not appropriate for formal or polite conversations.

It’s important to say that the usage of this expression can vary by region and social context. While it may be commonly used in certain informal settings, the general advice is to exercise caution and respect cultural norms when using language that may be considered offensive.

It’s worth noting that most people will consider offensive due to its vulgar nature, and it’s generally recommended to use more polite and respectful expressions to convey indifference or lack of concern in Spanish. Now you know me la suda meaning, handle it with care.




Relatively modern expression

Vulgar / Formal

More formal than colloquial

Literal translation

“It sweats me”
“I don’t fu***** care”


Easier ways to express same idea

(Very Impolite)Me la sopla

(Also very Impolite) “Me la pela”

“Me da absolutamente igual” (Very energic, more polite though)

Native score

You will sound like a native spanish speaker, but like a rude one