“Que te den morcilla”

Spanish idiomatic expressions add depth, color, and cultural significance to the language. For instance, one such intriguing idiom is “Que te den morcilla,” which carries a unique and vibrant meaning. In this article, we’ll delve into the origins, interpretation, and usage of this Spanish expression, allowing you to appreciate its linguistic richness and cultural value.

Some morcilla delivered

The Meaning behind “Que te den morcilla”:

The literal translation of “Que te den morcilla” is “May they give you blood sausage”. However, its figurative meaning is far from the literal translation, and this idiom is used as an impolite way of telling someone to go away, expressing disdain, or dismissing their opinion with a sense of indifference. It also implies a lack of interest in what the other person has to say or do, often accompanied by a touch of sarcasm or annoyance.

Origins and Cultural Significance:

The origin of the spanish expression “Que te den morcilla” dates back to the country, where it emerged as a colloquial expression with a touch of local flavor. Morcilla, or blood sausage, is a traditional Spanish dish made with pig’s blood, rice, and spices. The idiom’s origins can be traced to the Iberian Peninsula’s culinary heritage and the notion of offering someone something unappealing or undesirable as a dismissive gesture.

Usage and Examples:

“Que te den morcilla” is a relatively common phrase in informal Spanish conversations, particularly in Spain and some Latin American countries. It is used when one wants to express indifference, annoyance, or dismissiveness towards another person. Here are a few examples showcasing its usage:

  1. “No quiero escuchar tus excusas. Que te den morcilla.” (I don’t want to hear your excuses. Go away.)
  2. “No me importa lo que pienses, que te den morcilla.” (I don’t care about your opinion. Dismissed.)
  3. “Si no estás de acuerdo, que te den morcilla.” (If you don’t agree, go away. I’m not interested.)

Using “Que te den morcilla” Effectively:

It’s important to note that “Que te den morcilla” is a somewhat impolite expression, and its usage should be reserved for informal and familiar settings. Employing it in formal or professional contexts is generally considered disrespectful and inappropriate. As with any idiomatic expression, understanding the appropriate tone, context, and relationship with the person you’re speaking to is crucial to avoid causing offense.


Funny idiom, but a bit impolite


Old fashioned

Vulgar / Formal

A bit vulgar, but not awful

Literal translation

“May they give you blood sausage”


Easier ways to express same idea

“Ya te apañarás”

“Olvídate de mí”

Native score

Native, yeah, but 50+ year old native

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