Spanish words starting with ‘Y’

Knowing Spanish words that start with “Y” in Spanish is crucial for learners to distinguish them from words that begin with “Ll” or “Hi” sounds. While “Y” represents a single sound, like the English “y” in “yes”, “Ll” and “Hi” are digraphs that produce similar sounds to ‘Y’.

All these words sound similar in their first syllables:

Yema (Yolk), Hielo (Ice), Lleno (Full)

List of Spanish words that start with “Y”

Spanish WordEnglish Meaning
YuntaTeam (of oxen)
YodarTo iodize
YermoBarren land
YacerTo lie (as in a grave)
Yerba mateYerba mate (herbal tea)
YelmoHelmet (used by knights)

I hope you find this list of Spanish words that start with “Y” and their English meanings helpful!

Anvil in spanish
Yo-yo in spanish

The ‘Y’ and ‘LL’ distinction in Spanish

In Spanish, the distinction between words starting with “Y” and “LL” lies in their pronunciation. Historically, both were considered separate letters. Today, they are often treated as variations of the same sound.

Generally, “Y” is pronounced like the English “Y” in “yes”. On the other hand, people pronounce “LL” as a soft “J”. resembling the “Y” sound in “yellow.” This linguistic nuance adds a unique flavor to Spanish phonetics. It also enriching the language’s auditory landscape.

You now know the importance of identifying spanish words that start with ‘Y’.

Spanish verbs starting with ‘Y’

In Spanish, verbs starting with the letter “Y” are relatively rare compared to other letters. However, here are a few examples:

  1. Yacer: (of a person or animal) be in or assume a horizontal or resting position on a supporting surface. Sometimes it can be used as a synonim of having sex with someone.
  2. Yuxtaponer: Place or deal with close together for contrasting effect (juxtapose).
  3. Yodar: Apply iodine to a person or surface.

Remember that verbs starting with “Y” are not very common, and you may not encounter many verbs with this initial letter in standard Spanish.

Spanish word with one letter with ‘Y’

Yeah, it exists. There is one Spanish word with just one letter and containing the letter ‘Y’. It means ‘and’ and this is its function:

  1. Conjunction: In its most common usage, “Y” functions as a conjunction meaning “and”. It’s used to connect words, phrases, or clauses within a sentence. For example:

    “Juan y María” (Juan and María)
    “Voy al supermercado y luego al parque.” (I’m going to the supermarket and then to the park.)

It’s important to note that the letter “Y” is pronounced like the English “ee” sound.

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