How to say “fuck” in Spanish

How to say fuck in Spanish slang? The term “fuck” is a strong and explicit expletive in English, and its translation and usage in Spanish can vary significantly. In Spanish, there are several words and phrases that carry similar levels of explicitness and intensity, but they might have different connotations and uses. Here are some Spanish equivalents and their different meanings and uses.


This is one of the most common equivalents of “fuck” in Spanish. Its usage can vary from expressing frustration, surprise, or emphasis to indicating annoyance. It’s used colloquially in everyday speech, much like “fuck” is used in English. However, “joder” can also have a sexual connotation, so context matters.


Translating to “shit,” “mierda” is used to express disappointment, frustration, or to describe something as bad or of poor quality. It’s not as strong as “fuck” but is still considered vulgar.


This term translates to “cunt” and is used as an exclamation of surprise, frustration, or emphasis. It’s quite strong and can be offensive, especially in more formal settings.


Similar to “fuck,” “carajo” is a strong expletive used to express anger, annoyance, or emphasis. It can also refer to the male genitalia. It’s less commonly used than “joder.”

“Hostia” or “Hostias”

These terms literally mean “host” (the sacramental bread used in the Eucharist) but are used as strong expletives to express surprise, shock, or frustration. They are quite common and casual in speech.


This verb translates to “to fuck” and is used explicitly to refer to sexual intercourse. It’s strong and not used as casually as “joder.”

It’s important to note that these words and phrases vary in intensity and offensiveness, and their usage can depend on factors such as context, familiarity with the people you’re speaking to, and the cultural norms of the region you’re in. While some of these words are commonly used in everyday speech, others are considered quite offensive, so it’s crucial to use them with caution and awareness.

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