Meaning of “Hacer el agosto” in Spanish

The expression “Hacer el agosto” finds its roots in Spain, where the month of August traditionally signifies a time of abundance, excitement, and festivities, especially in summer and coastal towns. Historically, August was a time when farmers reaped the rewards of their hard work as they harvested crops, particularly during the end of summer. Additionally, it marked the onset of holidays and vacations for many, leading to increased economic activity in certain sectors, like touristic cities. So let’s try to find the proper meaning of “Hacer el agosto in Spanish”.

Meaning of "Hacer el agosto" in Spanish language

The expression “hacer el agosto” metaphorically relates to this timeof the year of opportunity and good fortune, where people capitalize on favorable circumstances to achieve financial or personal gains. It also denotes a period of prosperity and thriving, akin to the flourishing of the summer season itself.

Meaning of Hacer el agosto in spanish: Usage and Context

Spaniards and other Spanish speakers often use “hacer el agosto” in many colloquial conversations, particularly during the summer days when the phrase finds its true resonance. The expression is commonly used in various contexts to convey the idea of taking advantage of favorable situations or making a profit.

  1. Economic Context: In a financial context, “hacer el agosto” is often associated with businesses or industries that thrive during the summer months. Tourist destinations, beach resorts, and outdoor entertainment venues are excellent examples of entities that “make their August” during this time, as they experience a surge in visitors and revenue usually goes up.
  2. Sales and Retail: In the retail sector, businesses may use the phrase to describe a significant increase in sales or the success of a particular product or promotion during the summer season. But it also refers to a time or situation when a person or company can take profit from a very specific scenario. Imagine a group of thirsty people arriving to a small town where there is only one store opened. The idea of all those people wanting to buy bottles of water in the exact same place suggests that the owner of the store will get some money, so he “va a hacer el agosto”.
  3. Personal Endeavors: On an individual level, people might use this expression to express their own success or good fortune during the summer. For example, someone who had a highly profitable summer selling homemade lemonade might say they “made their August.”

Cultural Significance

Beyond its literal meaning, “hacer el agosto” serves as a reminder of the Spanish love for fiestas, holidays, and leisure. Summer is a time when communities come together to celebrate local festivals, indulge in delicious cuisine, and revel in the joyous atmosphere. The expression embodies this spirit of festivity and enthusiasm that characterizes the summer months in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries.

By incorporating unique phrases and idioms into language not only adds a vibrant touch but also preserves cultural heritage. “Hacer el agosto” is a delightful expression that encapsulates the essence of prosperity, abundance, and celebration during the summer season. Rooted in Spain’s agricultural past, this idiom has evolved to encompass a wide range of scenarios, from financial successes to personal achievements. So, the next time you hear someone say they are “haciendo el agosto,” you’ll understand the festive undertones and the excitement of a time brimming with opportunities and rewards.


Totally safe to use


Never gets old

Vulgar / Formal

Colloquial, but used in many contexts

Literal translation

To make the August


Easier ways to express same idea

“Se está forrando”

Native score

Monkeys do, but good native orators “no se andan por las ramas”

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