Babbel Language app to learn spanish

Babbel Language Learning App

Read our Babbel Language Learning App review. Learning a new language has become easier than ever with the proliferation of language learning apps. Among the most popular and widely used is Babbel, a platform that claims to provide an effective and efficient way to learn various languages. In this in-depth article, we will delve into the features, advantages, and limitations of Babbel to help prospective language learners make an informed decision.

Babbel language learning app

Understanding the Babbel Approach

In this Babbel Language Learning App review, we try to explain why it adopts a communicative and interactive approach to language learning. It focuses on teaching practical, real-life conversation skills that learners can immediately put into use. The app is available in multiple languages and offers courses in 14 different languages as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more.


a. Structured Curriculum: Babbel offers a well-organized curriculum that covers various aspects of language learning, such as vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, and writing.

b. Real-life Context: The app uses real-life dialogues and situations, making learning relatable and engaging. This helps learners acquire language skills that are useful in day-to-day conversations.

c. Bite-sized Lessons: Babbel breaks down language lessons into short, manageable chunks, which are ideal for learners with busy schedules.

d. Interactive Exercises: The app offers a variety of interactive exercises, including listening exercises, pronunciation practice, and fill-in-the-blank exercises, to reinforce learning.

e. Review Mechanism: Babbel incorporates spaced repetition and review sessions, helping learners retain and reinforce what they’ve learned.


a. Limited Advanced Content: While Babbel is excellent for beginners and intermediate learners, its content for advanced learners might be limited compared to other platforms.

b. Lack of Immersion: Although the app uses real-life scenarios, it may not fully replicate the immersive experience of being in a foreign language environment.

Babbel Features and Usability


a. User-Friendly Interface: Babbel boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for learners of all ages to navigate and access their courses.

b. Offline Access: The app allows users to download lessons and learn offline, which is particularly beneficial for those with limited internet connectivity.

c. Customized Learning Path: Babbel provides learners with the flexibility to choose their learning paths based on their goals and interests.

d. Sync Across Devices: Learners can seamlessly switch between devices, ensuring continuous progress across various platforms.

e. Speech Recognition: The app utilizes speech recognition technology to help learners practice pronunciation and improve speaking skills.


a. Lack of Live Interaction: Babbel predominantly relies on pre-recorded lessons and exercises, which may not adequately cater to learners seeking real-time conversations with native speakers.

b. Limited Speaking Opportunities: While Babbel offers speaking exercises, it may not provide as many opportunities for conversation practice as other platforms or language exchange programs.

Subscription Pricing and Value


a. Free Trial: Babbel offers a free trial period for users to test the app and determine if it suits their learning style.

b. Reasonable Pricing: The subscription costs for Babbel are generally affordable when compared to traditional language courses or in-person tutoring.

c. Value for Money: With its structured curriculum, interactive exercises, and convenience, Babbel offers good value for learners looking for an accessible language learning platform.


a. Recurring Subscription Fees: Some learners might find the recurring subscription fees a disadvantage, especially if they prefer a one-time payment for lifetime access. But you can do it for just 349$.

b. Limited Free Content: While the free trial is beneficial, the amount of free content available is restricted, and full access requires a paid subscription.

Our veredict

Babbel is undeniably a valuable language learning tool, particularly for beginners and intermediate learners seeking a structured and interactive approach. Its real-life context, bite-sized lessons, and user-friendly interface make it an attractive option for language enthusiasts. However, it may not fully replace the benefits of live interactions or immersive language experiences for advanced learners.

When deciding on a language learning app, it’s essential to consider your individual goals, learning preferences, and budget. Babbel can undoubtedly aid your language journey. But if you combine it with other resources, such as language exchange programs or speaking practice with native speakers, will ultimately enhance your language proficiency and confidence.

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